Our next adventure is about to begin!

Ok, here’s the plan: Mary and I will ride our bikes from our home in Midwest City to the start of Oklahoma Freewheel. We plan on riding it self-contained, meaning we will carry our camping gear with us on our bikes. This year it begins in Durant Oklahoma and ends in Caldwell Kansas. This will be my 9th year and Mary’s 7th year to ride it.

Freewheel is a 7 day ride in which certain towns along the route host the riders with a place to pitch their tents. Also, Freewheel is a supported ride, meaning that your camping gear and bags are carried for you on a semi truck and are waiting for you when you arrive in camp in the evenings after each days ride. However, this year Mary and I are going to do the ride self-contained. I have a new touring bike and I just fitted Mary to my older touring bike. So this will be a good shake-down ride for our bikes.

When we reach Caldwell Kansas at the end of Freewheel Mary will return home and I will continue to ride. I plan on riding north to join the TransAmerica bike route. One of the many Adventure Cycling Association‘s routes across the US. I’ll follow that route west across Kansas and Colorado to Pueblo. From Pueblo Colorado the route heads northwest. Somewhere near Granby Colorado I’ll hang a right and head toward Estes Park to visit relatives. If all has gone well at that point and after a short visit I’ll get back on the TransAmerica route and ride toward Oregon to visit more relatives.

Oh! Did I mention I had knee surgery three months ago? So not only is riding Freewheel going to be a good shake-down ride for my bike but it will be also for my knee.

Our bikes before a short shake-down ride
Our bikes before a short shake-down ride
Ready to ride!

On The Road

We got on the road yesterday evening. We rode 20 miles into a strong headwind from our home to our friends house in Norman. Our good friends Jan and John were wonderful hosts and we had a great dinner out and got to see our also good friends Wilton and Janice. We are headed for the start of Freewheel. We’ll have 65 miles and headwinds today to Ada. I’ll post our photos tonight.

So…. Our new adventure has officially begun!!!

More Adventures Ahead!