Loosening up the legs.

Tonight I’m camped behind the horse barn at the county fairgrounds in Clinton Missouri. It’s across the road from the western end of the Katy Trail. Tomorrow I’ll begin riding east toward St. Charles some 230 miles away.

Since returning from my bike trip to Oregon last summer I’ve not been on my bike much. Life got a little busy. While Mary was training for marathons I spent considerable time searching for a house. Once we found and bought the house that we fell in love with we spent an enormous amount of time remodeling.

We like to call it our base camp. To our friends it’s also known as the K&M Ranch. And the garage/bike shop is known as the K&M Corral . Although there will always be work to be done it is finally at a place where I can leave off work and not return home to a half finished mess. Mission complete. We now have our base camp from which to launch our adventures. And a comfortable home to come home to when we are tired.

So why am I here in Missouri? Well, after spending every waking minute working on the house and not getting any proper exercise I’m desperate to get back into shape. I have my eye on another cross country route that I may start soon but my body’s not ready for it. I’m almost embarrassed to say the longest ride I’ve done this year has been 32 miles.

For those unfamiliar, the Katy Trail is the longest rails to trails in the US. Since it’s an old rail road bed it’s about as close to flat as you can get. Nothing over 2% grade. So this should be a good way to loosen up my legs. I’ll just start riding. Stop when I feel like it and setup camp. If I go all the way to St. Charles and back I’ll have over 400 miles. I feel like this will be a good way to loosen my legs back up.

I’ve done this trail before. It was four years ago. It actually got a little boring. My timing was wrong and there were no restaurants or museums open. By the time I reached St. Charles and headed back Hurricane Gus had come inland and stalled dumping enormous amounts of rain. The Missouri river flooded out of it’s banks. My boredom turned back into adventure when I had to push my bike through two miles of knee deep water. I also did a century that day… and then again the next day. Back to back loaded centuries in pouring rain. Joy!

This time I intend to take it easy and enjoy spring time while warming up my legs for a bigger trip I’m planning ahead.

So stay tuned… There are more adventures ahead!