From Oilfields to Icefields

Our next grand adventure is about to begin!

In less than 3 weeks Mary and I will begin our bicycle ride from our home in Oklahoma to the Columbia Icefield of Alberta Canada.

The Columbia Icefield is located on the boundary of Banff and Jasper National Parks. It is one of the largest accumulations of ice and snow south of the Arctic Circle and feeds eight major glaciers. The Icefields Parkway is considered one of the most scenic highways in the word. There we will see waterfalls, emerald lakes, alpine meadows, snow-capped peaks, and glaciers.

We will begin our trip by riding our loaded bikes to the Oklahoma/Texas border and the start of Oklahoma Freewheel. During Freewheel we will enjoy the company of our many cyclist friends. Upon finishing Freewheel we will continue riding a somewhat indirect route north through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Alberta Canada.

While the pinnacle of or trip will likely be the Icefields, our journey certainly won’t end there. Naturally, we intend on taking the “scenic” route home. From Jasper we will ride southwest across British Columbia toward Vancouver. En route our hope is to travel a portion of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. From Vancouver we plan to ride south down the Pacific coast to San Francisco. Then we will head eastward toward home with the goal of riding through the deserts of Nevada and southern Utah.

I’ll be giving updates as the time approaches.

Kurt & Mary