Welcome to our website and blog. We are Kurt and Mary McDaniel and we love outdoor adventures. Our number one passion for adventure is bicycle touring. I did my first bike tour in 2004 and Mary did her first in 2005. Second to bike touring we love backpacking, and day hiking. We also enjoy mountain biking, tandem cycling, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, and an occasional ride on a Harley.

We have many friends and family who like to keep up with us. Some even say they live vicariously through our adventures. So this website is our attempt to share some of the excitement and wonder that we are privileged to experience.

Picking a name for our website was easy. Ever since Mary and I first met and started dating there has been a recurring saying that we have always used. “More adventures ahead!” Quite often at the conclusion of a mountain bike ride, a bike tour, or hiking trip we were already discussing what fun thing we would do together next. Then when the plan was hatched we’d enthusiastically say “More adventures ahead!”


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    1. Congratulations Peter! I hope you and your group had a wonderful trip. It was good talking to you. Maybe well run into one another on a future tour. I road part of the Oregon Coast and into California. I just finished yesterday.

  1. Hey Mary and Kurt,
    I finally got a chance to start reading your blog and y’all are doing a great job of writing about your adventures. Keep it up and I really look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi guys,
    We met you two cycling near Creston BC and at the glass house. We too had an encounter at Nelson visitors center looking for info cycling to Salmo! Were back home in Pendleton Oregon safe and sound. Travel safe and thanks for the blog.
    Doe volente!
    Frank and Fran

  3. Congratulations on finishing your tour. Enjoyed meeting both of you as we went through Washington and stayed overnight at the Bicycle Barn Hostel. Great website! Here’s to next year and wherever our bikes take us.

    1. Thank you Bill but we haven’t finished quite yet. We just entered California on our ride south down the Pacific Coast. When we reach San Diego we’ll head east toward home. We enjoyed visiting with you as well. It was a pleasure to meet you.

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